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Homesteading in Rawlins County

Rawlins County map

Prentis, Noble Lovely. "History of Kansas". Winfield, KS: E. P. Greer, 1899.

Rawlins County was named for John A. Rawlins, an adjutant for Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War and who later became the Secretary of War in the Grant administration. The first homesteader was August C. Blume in 1875, and during the years of 1880 & 1881, the area was settled by a good number of people. In May 1881, Rawlins Township was organized as Rawlins County and Governor John P. St. John named Atwood the temporary county seat.

Immigrants to Rawlins County came from Ireland, England, the Scandinavian countries and the Middle European countries. However, each group of immigrants did not associate with the others. The area surrounding the Enne Post Office was settled by the Swedes; the English settled in Grant Township (south central part of county) in a little community they called Ilion; Herndon was settled by the Hungarians/Austrians; and Ludell was settled by the Germans. The Irish and Danish settled in south central Rawlins County, and the Czechs settled north and west of Atwood.


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"History of Rawlins County, Kansas". Rawlins County Genealogical Society, 1988.

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