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Homesteading in Greeley County


On July 25, 1887, the Denver, Memphis, & Atlantic Railroad constructed a rail line that was two and one half miles west of Greeley Center, which would ultimately be the place of a new town site called Reid. On September 22, 1887, the D. M.& A. Town Company began to lay out the town of Reid, and started to build the town alongside the railroad. Reid began to grow as a town in the fall of 1887, and had major competitions with Tribune and Horace as to which town would be the county seat.

In November 1888 the town of Tribune was declared the count seat over Horace and Reid; with 420 votes in favor of Tribune, 202 votes in favor of Horace, and only 2 votes going to Reid. Due to Tribune becoming the count seat, all the business from the different towns began to move their stores to Tribune. The moving of these businesses ultimately led to the demise of Reid. In 1891 there was a total of 26 people living in Reid, now called Astor by the people living there. By 1897 the town became a ghost town, and the land was eventually sold for $35.01 by the town company in 1901 to pay the back taxes on it. Reid/Astor faded into the Kansas background just like so many other settlements of the time period.

The ethnicity of its settlers is unknown.


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