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 Kansas Towns and Counties Trivia and Facts  


1.  What town in Rooks County was hit by a tornado three years in a row on the same date? Answer

2.  Carry Nation was a resident of what town? Answer. Her first saloon smash was in what town? Answer

3.  "Cathedral of the Plains" is a nickname for St. Fidelis Church located in Victoria. Who gave it that nickname? Answer

4.  What was the name of the novel written by John Ise that was set in the Rose Valley area of Osborne County? Answer  

5.  Two famous men have ties to the town of Ellis. Who are they? Answer

6.  Which legendary Kansas State University basketball coach once taught school and coached football in Plainville? Answer

7.  Sharon (Barber County) is the hometown of which country music singer? Answer

8.  Which town in Graham County is a National Historic Site? Answer

9.  The Mennonites who settled in Harvey County introduced what kind of wheat to Kansas? Answer

10.  St. John in Stafford County has the distinction of being settled by two completely different groups - one was ethnic and the other was religious. What groups were they? Answer

11.  What town in Stevens County was originally named Hugo after Victor Hugo, a premier writer in the 19th century? Answer

12.  Where was "Home on the Range" written? Answer

13.  In Republic County, the settlements were founded by people of Bohemian, Polish, Scottish and Swedish ancestries. Which town was founded by members of the Scandinavian Agricultural Society in 1868? Answer

14.  Kanorado in Sherman County combines the names of Kansas and Colorado. It is the last Kansas town before Colorado along Interstate 70. There is a ghost town in Greeley County that also combined the names of Kansas and Colorado. It was only 1/2 mile from the state border. What was its name? Answer

15.  Victoria was founded by Scotch and English families in 1873. In 1876 another village was founded 1/2 mile to the north of Victoria by the Volga-Germans. What was the name of that village? Answer

16.  The Cottonwood Ranch, which was founded by Englishman John Fenton Pratt and is a state historic site, is located near which town? Answer

17.  Where was the only Indian pueblo in Kansas located and what was its name? Answer


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