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Forsyth Library Proctoring Policies

Forsyth Library Teaching & Research  department staff members are available to proctor exams in the library for students and community members. Tests are proctored free of charge as long as the instructor agrees to the following terms:

  • A proctor form that includes the course name and full contact information for the student and the instructor must be received before the student can schedule a proctoring appointment.
  • The instructor must provide written guidelines on test administration, such as time limit, whether books/notes/calculators/phones are allowed, etc., as well as instructions on how, where and to whom to send the completed test or notification of test completion.
  • Student must schedule the test with the proctor at least one week in advance, at a time that is convenient for the Teaching & Research staff.  This is to ensure the availability of the proctor and facilities. Walk-ins will be accommodated only if the necessary forms have been received and staff schedules allow.
  • The exam may be proctored by any of the Teaching & Research Department professional staff.
  • The student will be placed in a private room and will be checked on periodically, but not monitored constantly.
  • A library computer will be provided for online exams unless the instructor specifies that the student can use their own computer.

For more information or to schedule a proctoring appointment, contact the Research Help Desk at 785-628-5283 or, or call Forsyth Library at 785-628-4434.

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