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Learning Commons - iTunes U

Students are sometimes required to create audio or video assignments and upload these to FHSU's "store" on iTunesU. If you are assigned this kind of project, here's a quick set of instructions to help you successfully submit your work. Other available tutorials about iTunes U include HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO A LECTURE SERIES  and UPLOAD TROUBLESHOOTING.

If you have any trouble with these programs or want to know more, contact us  or drop by the Learning Commons desk in Forsyth Library.

How to Convert and Upload a Video for iTunes U

Convert PC  • Convert Mac  • Upload  to iTunes U

 CONVERT TO MP4 - PC Instructions

Download and install Any Video Converter (yes, that's the name; it's free and tested spyware-free) or any converter that allows you to convert your file to an mp4. A trusted download site is



  1. After opening, click “Add Videos” or drag and drop into the video selection area. and select the appropriate file you wish to add. After adding make sure that the file you wish to convert is check marked in the file list.

  2. Now you must choose the format that you wish to save. At the top right of the window, select the profile “Customized MP4 Movie.” Then lower on the right side, find video options and make the same selections as on this picture.

  3. Click the “Convert” button at the top left.

When you first run this program, it should ask you for a output folder. Please remember where this folder is as you will need to know when you go to upload the file to iTunes U. The program will create a folder named “MP4” in the folder you specify as the output folder. Your video will be saved here. Also, after every conversion, a dialog box asking if you want to upgrade to the professional edition. This is not necessary, simply click “No Thanks.”


 CONVERT TO MP4 - Mac Instructions
If you created your movie in iMovie, you should be able to output the file as an .mp4. If you have a file from another source and need to convert it on a Mac:

Download and install Kigo Video Converter (free, spyware tested) or any converter that allows you to convert your file to an mp4. A trusted download site is


  1. After opening, click “Add Files” or drag and drop into the video selection area. and select the appropriate file you wish to add.

  2. Now you must choose the format that you wish to save. Select “Common Used Video Formats>Customized MP4.”

  3. Now click the video button and make the following selections:

  4. KigoSpecs
  5. Click the “General” button. Now designate a output file name and folder. Note that Kigo will create a folder inside that folder named “Customized Video Formats.”

  6. Click the encode button on the top right hand corner.

Take note of where your file is saved so you can find it when you’re ready to upload it to iTunes U.


Make sure you have iTunes installed on your computer.  It can be downloaded at 

  1. After iTunes is installed, go to  and choose iTunestakeme

  2. You will be directed to a login page. Enter your TigerTracks username and password and choose Login.

  3. You will be sent to a page that looks like this:

    A message may appear asking you if you want to open an external application.  The external application is iTunes.  Accept this and iTunes will open up automatically, or it may even open automatically without the external applications message.

  4. Another page will open with several categories of podcasts. Click on Courses.

  5. All the courses that you are enrolled in that have a section on iTunesU will appear here. Click on the title of the course for which you want to upload a video.

  6. Your chosen course will open with several options to choose from in the upper right and a tab or series of tabs containing podcasts at the bottom.

  7. Click the tab at the bottom that you have upload privileges for - probably "student submissions" or similar.

  8. Choose Upload and Manage Files and you’re ready to upload your podcast.

  9. A new page will open that looks like this:

  10. To add a new file, choose the plus sign at the bottom of the page next to Add New File.


  11. Then click Choose File.

  12. A file browser window will open - this is why it’s important to remember where you’ve saved your .mp4. Find it and click Choose.  You will see your upload progress.

  13. You can make changes to the text or delete a podcast altogether by using the tools on the right hand column.  Move your mouse over the icon for a description of each one.


  14. When your files are done uploading and you’re satisfied with your listing, click Done.


  15. You will be routed back to iTunes and your podcast page and you should see your new podcast in the listings.  Now you can listen to what you’ve uploaded.

If you're unable to upload your file, try the troubleshooting page  for solutions to common problems.

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