Dr. Kyle B. StoneKyle Stone

Assistant Professor
Director, Management Development Center

Contact Information:
Office: McCartney Hall 224
Office Phone: 785-628-4124
Email: kbstone@fhsu.edu  
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kylebstone
Google Citations: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=WjWJ3YYAAAAJ

Ph.D. Colorado State University (Human Resource Studies: Organizational Performance & Change), 2010
MEd. Colorado State University (Adult Education and Training), 2007
B.S. Central Missouri State (Industrial Technology), 1990

Honors and Awards: 
Outstanding Scholarly Activity Award - Fort Hays State University (Fall 2012)
Visiting Scholar – Fort Hays State University - Northwest Universities for Nationalities, Gansu, Lanzhou, China (Summer 2012)
Summer Research Grant – Fort Hays State University Funding to support on-going organizational research (Summer 2012)
Edmund Shearer Advising Award Nominee – Fort Hays State University, College of Business and Entrepreneurship Fall 2012

Courses Taught: 
Human Resource Management
Recruitment, Selection, and Retention
Total Compensation
Training and Development

Research Interests:
Human Resource Management & Development
Workforce Development
Lean Thinking
Leader-Manager-Follower Professional Development
Organizational Performance & Change

Other Professional Activities: 
Academy of Human Resource Development www.ahrd.org
Society of Human Resource Management www.shrm.org
Academy of Management www.aomonline.org
International Society for Performance Improvement www.ispi.org
Lean Educators Network (EdNet)  http://lean.mit.edu/ednet/about-ednet
Lean Advancement Initiative (LAI) http://lean.mit.edu/


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Stone, K.B. (2012). Lean Transformation: Organizational Performance Factors that Influence Firms' Leanness. Journal Of Enterprise Transformation.

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