Concentration in Criminal Justice

November, 2013 - beginning with the Fall, 2014 semester, the MLS (Criminal Justice) concentration will migrate to the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program.  Applications for the MLS (Criminal Justice) program will be redirected to the MPS (Criminal Justice) program. Interested students should visit theMaster of Professional Studies (MPS) web page for application information. Current students in the MLS (Criminal Justice) program will be taught out.  This web page is intended for reference by current MLS (Criminal Justice) students.   

Program Curriculum 

Students completing their MLS degree in this concentration will have the following notation on their transcripts: "Liberal Studies (Criminal Justice)"

Every student is required to take the 10 hours of Core Classes. These include:

  • IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies
  • IDS 802 Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective
  • IDS 803 Origins and Implications of the Knowledge Society
  • IDS 804 Information Literacy

Every student completing a concentration in Justice Studies will take 18 credit hours from the following list of courses (or other substitutions as deemed appropriate by advisor):

  • JUS 610 Criminal Justice Organizational Structures
  • JUS 615 Contemporary Criminological Theory
  • JUS 620 Advanced Criminal Justice Research Methods
  • JUS 640 Workplace Violence
  • JUS 670 Independent Study in Justice Studies
  • JUS 675 Seminar: Justice Leadership Pro-Seminar
  • JUS 675 Seminar: World Criminal Justice Systems
  • JUS 675 Seminar: Critical Issues in Justice Studies

Additionally, every student shall take a 3 hour culminating experience (one of the following):

  • JUS 600 Internship in Criminal Justice
  • JUS 675 Seminar: Advanced Research Project
  • IDS 899 Thesis in Liberal Studies

Finally, every student will complete a comprehensive examination in the final semester of his or her course of study. No attendance will be required for the examination. The examination will be given as an independent, comprehensive paper encompassing at least eight hours of study and writing on specific questions given to the student. These questions will cover the field of criminal justice.

Contact us now to see if the Master of Liberal Studies concentration in criminal justice could be right for you. Once you have been admitted to the MLS concentration in criminal justice, please follow the MLS Checklistand carefully read The MLS Student Handbook.

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