Concentration in Information Networking and Telecommunications

Program Description  

Mission: Creating individuals with the skills, knowledge, and creativity to succeed in the 21st century!

Fort Hays State University (FHSU) is pleased to offer a concentration in the Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) with a concentration in Information Networking and Telecommunications. The Masters of Liberal Studies is a 31-hour interdisciplinary graduate program that is offered on campus and online. It consists of a 10-hour core, an 18-hour customized plan of study and a 3-hour culminating project. One of the available areas of study is Information Networking and Telecommunications (INT). Students may also mix INT and Computer Information Systems or Technology Studies courses in customizing their plans. The general “Information Networking and Telecommunications” MLS concentration allows flexibility as the student and adviser create a plan of study that allows a student to develop “mastery” in an area of Information Networking and Telecommunications. Applicants must have a Bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited or otherwise approved school and an overall GPA of 3.0.

Core Courses

The core is built around the theme "Ways of Knowing: A Foundation for Understanding and Exploring the Emerging Knowledge Society." This theme is explored in the following online courses:

  • IDS 801 Introduction to Graduate Liberal Studies (1 Credit Hour)(Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • IDS 802 Ways of Knowing in Comparative Perspective (3 Credit Hours)(Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • IDS 803 Emerging Knowledge Society (3 Credit Hours)(Spring, Summer, Fall)
  • IDS 804 Information Literacy (3 Credit Hour)(Spring, Summer, Fall)

Online Courses

Applicable Fort Hays State University INT courses currently offered online and on-campus are (all are three-credit-hour courses):

  • INT 250 Introduction to Web Development+ (Potential non-grad leveling course)
  • INT 291 Internetworking I* (Potential non-grad leveling course)(Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • INT 293 Internetworking II* (Potential non-grad leveling course) (Fall, Spring, and Summer)
  • INT 610 Policy, Law, and Ethics in INT (Spring)
  • INT 650 Interactive Systems Design (On-line only, Fall & Spring)
  • INT 651 Advanced Web Development (Fall)
  • INT 652 Intensive Web Development (Spring)
  • INT 563 Web Scripting Languages (Spring)
  • INT 654 Intro to Web Enabled Databases: Oracle (Fall)
  • INT 655 Web Enabled Database Administration: Oracle (Spring)
  • INT 658 Law of Cyber Space (Fall – campus, Spring – on-line, Summer – on-line)
  • INT 660 Global Telecommunications Policy (On-line only, Fall)
  • INT 662 Modern Telephony (Spring, Even Numbered Years, Summer)
  • INT 678 Seminar in INT/Unix System Administration (Spring)
  • INT 671 Linux For Networking (Spring)
  • INT 672 Advanced Linux For Networking (Fall)
  • INT 678 Seminar in INT/IT Project Management (On-line only, Spring)
  • INT 680 Network Architecture and Data Communications I (Fall)
  • INT 681 Network Architecture and Data Communications II (Spring)
  • INT 684 Foundations of Information Systems Security (Spring & Fall)
  • INT 685 Fundamentals of Network Security (Fall)
  • INT 686 Network Security Firewalls
  • INT 695 Advanced Routing (Fall)**
  • INT 696 Securing Converged LANS (Spring)**
  • INT 697 Advanced LAN Switching (Fall)**
  • INT 698 Optimizing Converged Networks (Spring)**
  • INT 872 Readings in INT (By permission and arrangement)
  • INT 876 Professional Topics in INT (As approved by advisor)
  • INT 879 Internship in INT (By Arrangement)
  • IDS 820 Projects in IDS (By Arrangement)
  • INT 891 Capstone Seminar in Information Assurance

Courses listed on the schedule as INT 876 Professional Topics in INT/ Instructing: Internetworking I, Internetworking II, Wireless and Cellular Systems, Fundamentals of Network Security, or Intro to Web Development are offered for instructors attending FHSU’s Cisco Academy trainings or trainings at other specified Cisco Academy training sessions.

The number of online course offerings will grow to fit student and employer demands. Each of these courses listed is offered fully online and does not require a physical presence on campus. Most of the course activities are completed when the student chooses to study and work on academic projects. Each of the courses will have specific deadlines for projects, labs, tests and other activities. Students taking online courses will benefit substantially from having high-speed Internet access such as: DSL, Cable, or Ethernet. Additional offerings are available on campus.

On-Campus Courses, Academic Years 2007-2008 and 2008-2009

Applicable Fort Hays State University courses offered solely on campus include (all three-credit-hour courses):

  • INT 623 Video Production (Fall)
  • INT 624 Broadcast Continuity Writing (Spring, Even Numbered Years)
  • INT 625 Broadcast Journalism (Fall)
  • INT 629 Broadcast Management and Sales (Spring, Odd Numbered Years)
  • INT 633 Advanced Video Production (Spring)
  • INT 634 Graphics and Effects for Video and Film (Spring)
  • INT 637 Campus Television Station Operation (Spring, Fall)
  • INT 638 Electronic News and Field Production (Fall)
  • INT 660 Global Telecommunications Policy (Fall)
  • INT 664 Wireless and Cellular Systems (Spring on-campus only)
  • INT 678 Seminar in INT/Network Security (Fall)
  • INT 695 Advanced Routing (Fall)**
  • INT 696 Securing Converged LANS (Spring)**
  • INT 697 Advanced LAN Switching (Fall)**
  • INT 698 Optimizing Converged Networks (Spring)**
  • CIS 602 Information Systems Design and Development
  • CIS 603 Database Systems
  • CIS 630 Object Oriented Development
  • CIS 673 Problems in CIS/Electronic Commerce

+This course or equivalent course or experience is a pre-requisite for the other courses listed.

*Internetworking I, II, & III courses are the courses providing preparation for the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification exam.

** Advanced Routing, Securing Converged LANS, Advanced LAN Switching, and Optimizing Converged Networks are the courses providing preparation for the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) exam. These are laboratory intensive course. Students are allowed to take these through distance learning only if they meet one or more of the following requirements: 1) have taken the CATC on-site trainings for these courses, 2) have access to a CCNP lab; or 3) are willing to travel to campus to complete labs taking 2-3 days each semester.

Program Contact

For more information about the Department of Informatics, visit the following web site: For questions about course offerings, contact the Fort Hays State University Department of Informatics at (785) 628-5373. Email the department at Once you have been admitted to this concentration, please follow the MLS Checklist and carefully read The MLS Student Handbook.


For more information regarding the MLS program, contact:
Director of the Master of Liberal Studies Program
The Graduate School, Picken Hall 306
Fort Hays State University
Hays, KS 67601
(785) 628-5578


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