Handbook for MLS Advisors

Dear MLS advisor:

Thank you for your willingness to serve as an MLS advisor.  The purpose of this handbook is to assist you and to help us improve the quality of the MLS program.  Since the MLS program does not have a typical department hierarchy, your good will, efforts, expertise, and cooperation are essential to the quality of the program.  Please share with the MLS Program Director your suggestions and recommendations regarding the MLS program and the Handbook for MLS Advisors.  The MLS Program Director’s phone number is -5578.

Thanks for your support of the MLS Program.

Table of Contents

    The MLS Student Handbook

    MLS website
    MLS Concentrations and Their Respective Transcript Notations
    Purpose of the MLS Program
    FAQ (linked to the MLS Student Handbook)
    Important Phone Numbers (linked to the MLS Student Handbook)  
    An Overview of the MLS Advisor's Responsibilities    
    Evaluation of an Applicant's File
    MLS Program Checklist (linked to the MLS Student Handbook)
    Program of Study  
    Admission to Candidacy

    Graduate Degree Candidacy & Admission to Program Guidelines, modified for MLS students (lined to the MLS Student Handbook)
    Intent to Graduate
    Forms (linked to the MLS Student Handbook)
    Graduate School deadlines

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