Handbook for MLS Advisors

Evaluate an Applicant’s File

An applicant must have completed a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school before he or she can be accepted in the MLS program.  An application file is complete only if it includes (a) a completed application form; (b) a Personal Statement; (c) copies of transcripts from all post-high school institutions that the applicant has attended; and (d) at least two letters of recommendation.  In order to be admitted to the MLS program, the applicant must have at least a 2.5GPA in the last sixty hours of his or her Bachelor’s degree, though this requirement can be relaxed in certain instances – for example, if the person is returning to school after a long absence and now appears to be ready for graduate school, or if a student has completed advanced degrees.  If your concentration has additional requirements – for example, a higher GPA or a certain number of hours in the discipline that is offering the concentration – please make sure that the MLS Program Director has been notified and that the concentration requirements have been approved.

The applicant’s file goes through a four-stage process.  First, the Graduate School puts together a file.  Second, the relevant material is sent to the MLS Program Director (hereafter “Director”) so that she or he can evaluate the applicant.  If the Director recommends that the applicant not be admitted, the Graduate School is notified.  If the Director recommends that the applicant be admitted, the file and a routing slip are forwarded to the appropriate MLS advisor – you.  In the third stage, you would review the file and, if entrance requirements for your concentration are different from those of the MLS program, you would ascertain whether the applicant meets your concentration’s entrance requirements.  If you recommend admittance, then you would keep the file and return the routing slip, with your recommendations and requested stipulations, to the Director.  In the fourth and final stage, the Graduate School will be notified of your recommendations and the recommendations from the Director, and then make a decision of whether to admit the student.  No MLS advisor should welcome an applicant to the MLS program until the applicant has been formally notified by the Graduate School that she or he has been admitted to the MLS program.  If the applicant is admitted to the MLS program, you will receive a copy of the acceptance letter.  You should contact the newly admitted student within a week of the time that she or he was admitted to the MLS program.  The MLS program has a policy that it will contact all newly admitted MLS students two weeks after admittance.


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