The MLS Student Handbook

                                      APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO CANDIDACY

                                                     FORT HAYS STATE UNIVERSITY

                                                                GRADUATE SCHOOL

NAME ______________________________________ SOCIAL SECURITY NO. _____/____/______

ADDRESS ___________ ______________________________________________________________

CITY _________________________________________ STATE __________ ZIP ________________

        A.    Graduate Major ___MLS___________________________________________________________

        B.     Major Advisor _____________ _____________________________________________________

C.   Program Hours

            1.   Hours Completed                                                                                          ________________

            2.   Hours to Complete

                        a.   Current Enrollment                                   ________________

                        b.   Yet to Enroll                                               ________________               

                        c.   Incomplete Grades                                   ________________

            Total hours to complete (a+b+c)                                                                        ________________

            TOTAL PROGRAM HOURS (1+2)                                                                     ________________

D.   Anticipated Date of Graduation __________l ___________________________________________

This student is eligible to apply for candidacy having met the following conditions:

     a) Completion of all departmental conditions of admission, including any deficiency work.

     b) Has an approved program of study signed by the Graduate Dean on file in the Graduate School.

     c) Has completed at least 9 graduate credit hours on the graduate degree program.

     d) Has maintained a "B" average throughout the graduate degree program to date.

     e) Has been recommended for candidacy by the student's graduate committee and department chair.

I approve this application _______________________________________   ________________________

                                                                   Major Advisor                                    Date




1.   Date Taken _________________________  GMAT ________________  MAT __________________
      Date Received ______________________  GRE V________ Q _______ An _______ Adv ________

2.   Current G.P.A. ___________________

3.    Departmental Preliminaries Passed ___________________________________________________

4.   Deficiencies for Graduate Study Removed ______________________________________________

5.   Approved Program of Study on File ____________________________________________________


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