The Master of Liberal Studies (MLS) Student Handbook

PLEASE NOTE: The MLS Student Handbook and associated pages are official publications or document of FHSU. The MLS Student Handbook can be used as a resource and guide, but MLS students should consult with the Director of the MLS program or the Graduate School regarding FHSU policies and procedures.

The MLS motto: "A better world through a better self."

Dear MLS student:

Welcome to FHSU! We hope that your experience will be enjoyable, educational, and useful in your future endeavors. The purpose of this handbook is to assist you and to help us improve the quality of the MLS program. Please share with the MLS Program Director your suggestions and recommendations regarding the MLS program and the MLS Handbook. You may e-mail recommendations and comments to and you may contact the MLS Director using the same e-mail address.

One of the most important persons here at FHSU is your faculty advisor. You are strongly encouraged to keep in regular contact with him or her. You can access TigerTracks at, to find the name of your faculty advisor. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your faculty advisor, please do not hesitate to bring them to the attention of the MLS Program Director at

As a general rule, the more interaction that you have with faculty and students, the more you will benefit and the more you will enjoy your MLS program. Enjoy your MLS experience!

Table of Contents

MLS home
MLS Concentrations and Their Respective Transcript Notations
Purpose of the MLS Program
Important Phone Numbers
Master of Liberal Studies Program Checklist
MLS Program of Study
Graduate Degree Program and Admission to Candidacy Guidelines for MLS Students
IDS 820 Projects in Liberal Studies
IDS 890 Internship in Liberal Studies
IDS 899 Thesis in Liberal Studies
Research Involving Animal Subjects
Research Involving Human Subjects
Thesis Guidelines - Guidelines for Thesis and Field Study
MLS Comprehensive Examinations
Acquiring Textbooks
Organizing Your Semester
How to Study
How to Take Exams
Taking an Incomplete
Special Section on Plagiarism
Writing and Style Guide (by Dr. Chris Crawford)
Financial Aid
Career Services
Alumni Association
General Resources for Graduate and Potential Graduate Students

(Modified 8-30-2007; 1-28-2008)

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