The MLS Student Handbook

Master of Liberal Studies Program Checklist

Following Admission to a Degree Program

__ IMPORTANT! Check your FHSU Student Gmail account regularly for important information regarding deadlines, approved Program of Study, and other announcements.

__ Consult with your faculty advisor about your Program of Study. Your Program of Study consists of the courses that you will take to meet the 31-hour requirement, the requirement to complete a culminating experience, and the research component requirement. IDS 804, one of the four core courses, automatically meets the research component requirement. Your Program of Study also lists your MLS committee, the topic of the next item on this list.

__ After the first or second semester of classes, work with your faculty advisor to put together your MLS committee. Your MLS committee should consist of at least three faculty members. The chair of that committee must be a member of FHSU's Graduate Faculty. Your MLS committee will evaluate your culminating experience and may read part or all of your comprehensive exams. Your MLS committee is listed on your Program of Study. A copy of your Program of Study, signed by your advisor and the Assistant Dean, must be submitted to the Graduate School.

___ Preregister and/or enroll in classes on your Program of Study, after consulting with your faculty advisor, according to dates listed in the class schedules. You can pre-register through your faculty advisor earlier in the year than you can request courses online. Ideally, you should complete the ten-hour core (IDS 801, IDS 802, IDS 803, and IDS 804) before taking courses in your concentration, and certainly before completing 19 hours in your Program of Study. Deviations from this recommendation should be discussed with your advisor.

Admission to Degree Candidacy

___ After completion of at least nine hours of graduate work, complete an Application for Admission to Candidacy form with the assistance of your advisor. This form should be sent to the Graduate School.

___ For Admission to Candidacy, you must have achieved at least a 3.00 grade point average in all coursework on the graduate degree program. For example, if you have a C in one class, you must have an A in another class.

___ Complete all departmental conditions of admission, including any deficiency work.

___ Complete the 10 hour core.

___ Complete your 18 hour emphasis.

___ Your culminating experience has been identified and approved by your faculty advisor. Work closely with your faculty advisor while completing your culminating experience. Your culminating experience will be evaluated by and defended before your MLS committee. An in-person defense is not necessary; that defense may be done virtually.

___ If your culminating experience is a thesis, obtain the thesis packet from the Graduate School and follow the instructions provided therein. You must defend your thesis after it has been accepted by your MLS committee.

Getting Ready for Graduation

___Sign up for comprehensive exams in the Graduate School. Specific times are set each semester in the Graduate School Deadlines. You should begin preparing for your comprehensive examinations long before you take them, so it would be a good idea to consult with your faculty advisor well in advance of the date you will take your comprehensive exams. If your culminating experience is a thesis, then you will need to take only one four-hour comprehensive exam. If your culminating experience is either a project or an internship, then you will need to take two four-hour comprehensive exams.

___A ballot reporting the result of your comprehensive exams should be prepared by your faculty advisor. Your MLS committee will indicate on the ballot whether you have passed the comprehensive exams. This ballot will be sent to the MLS Program Coordinator for her signature, then forwarded to the Graduate School.

___ File the Intent to Graduate form in the Graduate School by the deadline date for that semester.

___ Pay the required graduation fee.

___ Check with the Graduate School to update file for graduation.

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