Fort Hays State University
Annual Piano Day 2012

Speed Learning at the Piano

This session will focus on how to learn music quickly and accurately, how to prepare for contests and recitals, better playing technique, tips on becoming a great sight reader, and how to really enjoy practicing.

Saturday, March 17, 2012
9:30 AM to 1:00 PM
Room 129 Malloy Hall

Piano Day is a musical learning event for 7th-12th grade piano students. No advance preparation is necessary, students are not judged, and the event is free of charge.

This year's topic, Speed Learning at the Piano, will send students home with a "toolkit" of practice methods and strategies to improve their piano experience in many different areas: technique, speed learning, sight reading, practice techniques, and contest preparation.

Students are encouraged to come prepared to play one piece, memory is not required.

School and private music teachers are encouraged to attend to learn more about these topics.

Registration begins now by filling out the Registration Form and e-mailing it back to Irena Ravitskaya (  Deadline for registration is March 14, 2012.


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