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All campers will be enrolled in one mini class that meets daily.  Here students will be able to refine techniques already learned or pick up new skills by taking a class like Explore World Percussion.  Class placement is based on application date.  Certain classes have a limited number of seats so apply early!  A list of the classes offered to campers is listed below.  Courses available to high school campers have been marked with (HS) and courses available to junior high campers have been marked with (JH).


Camp Chorus (HS)  

For ALL high school campers. Rehearsal begins early, before all other activities begin but well worth it. One of the most popular classes of camp!

Musical Theatre (HS)  

This year's musical has yet to be determined.  In the past three years, high school vocalists have enjoyed singing, acting and choreography classes to present musical scenes from a major Broadway musical at the end of the week (Friday) for their parents, friends and fellow campers.

Alternative Strings  (JH and HS)

Explore the tricks of the trade for string playing - including electronic string instruments.  Learn jazz, rock, Celtic and fiddling techniques.  Strings only.

Conducting Fundamentals  (HS)

Learn the beat patterns, style, score reading, and rehearsal techniques for conductors. This is for those who have never before enrolled in Conducting.

Advanced Conducting  (HS)

The next step for conducting students, this is an invaluable class for band conductors and drum majors.  Leadership qualities included.

Rhythm Fundamentals  (JH and HS)

Improve your counting & rhythmic skills as applied to any and all styles of music.  ALL FIRST-YEAR 6TH AND 7TH GRADE CAMPERS MUST ENROLL IN THIS CLASS.

Sight Reading  (JH and HS)

Learn sight reading skills to make learning new music easier for solos and ensembles.

Double Reed Making (JH and HS)  

Learn the different styles of making oboe or bassoon reeds. Bring $10 cash to cover materials.  Oboe and Bassoon students only.

Flute Techniques (JH and HS)

Transform your playing with tips that create better tone, intonation, vibrato, and faster fingers. Includes introduction to piccolo technique. Jr or Sr High flutists only.

Drumline Fundamentals (JH and HS) 

A survey of rudimentary drum techniques that apply to traditional drumline preparation. Jr or Sr High percussionists only.

Explore World Percussion (JH and HS)  

Experience a wide variety of percussion instruments from around the world.

Guitar Techniques  (JH and HS)

Learn the various techniques for acoustical and electric guitar.  Campers must provide their own guitar and amp (if electric).

Jazz Bass Class  (JH and HS)

Improve your electric or upright bass skills to accommodate the many jazz idioms. Camper must provide instrument and amp.

Jazz Piano  (JH and HS)

Learn chord changes and voicing to play with lively jazz combos!

Beginning Jazz Improvisation (JH)  

For junior high campers who would like to begin understanding improv styles on your instrument.  Separate sections for clarinet/sax, trumpet, and trombone.

Jazz Improvisation  (HS)

Experiment with outrageous ideas and gain comfort performing on your own instrument.  Sections open to clarinet/sax, trumpet and trombone.

Theory and Ear Training  (HS)

Train your ear to hear and identify melodies, intervals, and chords. Learn the basics of music how music is structured and organized.

Advanced Theory and Ear Training  (HS)

For more advanced students who have had previous theory training and want to dive deeper into the structure of music compositions. High School students only.

Yoga for Musicians (JH and HS)  

Do your neck, shoulders, wrist, back or any other part of your body get tight and sore while playing your instrument?  With this class you will learn relaxation methods to help prevent tension while performing.

Instrument Maintenance (JH and HS)  

Our instrument repair specialist will help you know what to do with easy instrument repairs.  You will also learn how to avoid damage to your instrument.


**All High School Vocalists and String Players class selections may be changed due to possible rehearsal conflicts.



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