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 Online RN-to-BSN Program       

As a licensed RN, you have gained confidence and honed your skills as a nursing professional. However, a BSN opens doors to new career options, management responsibilities, and better pay. You’re thinking about starting a BSN degree, but you can’t quit your job or move to go back to college. An online degree seems the way to go, but you probably have some questions.

The first thing you may ask is “can I really do this?” We are here to say you can! From your first questions through graduation, you will have a cadre of supportive faculty and staff dedicated to your success. Your personal advisor helps you set up and monitor your program of study, and caring, down-to-earth professors take an active role in your education and provide you extra help if you need it. You won’t be alone in cyberspace!

It’s important to know that you can complete your degree on your schedule, not ours. Start in the spring, summer or fall, and take one class at a time or several. However, if other obligations become too demanding, we understand that life comes first. You have the flexibility to take fewer classes or sit out a semester or two without penalty. With online classes, study when and where you want - on the couch after the kids go to bed, in the morning with a cup of coffee, or even in the middle of the night! Yes, you have weekly deadlines, but you get to choose how and when to get your school work done.

You may also wonder, “is this a real education?” Most definitely! Not only is our program fully accredited, we have been educating successful graduates online since 2000. As an online student, how you learn may change some, but the benefits are great. Students often remark about the high levels of quality and challenge in their classes. You will study with peers eager to apply the knowledge they learn in class to their real-world, everyday experiences as nurses. Through conversations on electronic discussions boards, emails, and phone calls, you will develop a supportive student network and actively learn from one another.

One last point. We know that going to college is expensive. FHSU prides itself on offering you affordable tuition because we take our mission to make higher education accessible to everyone very seriously. However, we do not sacrifice educational quality in the process.

We encourage you to explore the information available on this Web site or download the RN-BSN Information Packet. Once you’ve taken a look, feel free to contact us with questions or to start your application. We invite you to review our web site
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