Tentative Curriculum Plan


Freshman Year


Fall Semester (16-17 credit hours) Spring Semester (20 credit hours)
CHEM 100 Chemist's View of the World TEEL 231 Human Growth and Development
ENG 101 English Composition I   General Education course
BIOL 100 Human Biology ENG 102 English Composition II
BIOL 102 Lab Experiences in Biology COMM 100 Oral Communication
MATH 110 College Algebra HHP 200 Personal Wellness
PSY 100 General Psychology BIOL 240 Microbiology for Allied Health
NURS 103 Introduction to Nursing (elective) BIOL 240L Microbiology Lab


Sophomore Year


Fall Semester (17-18 credit hours) Spring Semester (17-19 credit hours)
BIOL 230 Human Anatomy & Physiology NURS 207   Pathophysiology I
BIOL 234 Physiology of Humans Lab   General Education course
MIS 101 Introduction to Computers   General Education course
  General Education course HHP 230 Principles of Nutrition
NURS 280 Foundations of Nursing SOC 140 Introduction to Sociology
NURS 294 Nursing Transition (LPNs only) PSY 300 Abnormal Psychology
MATH 250 Elements of Statistics NURS 104L Nursing Fundamentals (or CNA Certificate)
NURS 290 Math Calculations 
  Complete Nursing Application
  Take Kaplan Nursing Admission Test (After completion of English I & II, College Algebra)    


Junior Year


Fall Semester (13-17 credit hours) Spring Semester (14-20 credit hours
NURS 310L Nursing Skills Lab NURS 330 Older Adult & the Family in Retire
NURS 311L Nursing Practicum NURS 330L Older Adult & the Family
Practicum NURS 307 Pathophysiology II NURS 332 Population-focused Care
NURS 321 Health Care: Legal Aspects NURS 332L Population-focused Care Practicum
NURS 320 Health Care Ethics NURS 322 Nursing Inquiry
NURS 303 Health Assessment NURS 491 Health Care System/Policy/Cost
NURS 303L Health Assessment...Practicum   General Education course
NURS 340 Pharmacology   General Education course
NURS 312 Nursing Concepts    


Senior Year


Fall Semester (12 credit hours) Spring Semester (13 credit hours)
NURS 420 Young Adult & Childbearing NURS 430 Middle Aged Adult Launching Fam
NURS 420L Young Adult Childbearing Practicum NURS 430L Middle Aged Adult Launching Pract
NURS 422 Child/Adolescent & Parenting NURS 431 Integration of Professional Nursing
NURS 422L Child/Adolescent Parenting Practicum NURS 431L Internship

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