Office of Strategic Partnerships

It’s midnight in Kansas and at least those students residing in Kansas may be turning in for the night, but on the other side of the world, students from other universities, businesses and military bases may be logging on for afternoon classes.  Because Fort Hays State University is open around the clock, 24 X 7, as well as around the globe, students in different time zones and different cultures study together.

The Office of Strategic Partnerships was established in 2004 to facilitate educational partnerships to make this type of study possible. These global strategic partnerships have become increasingly important in defining FHSU’s mission as a “regional university with a global outlook” and its brand of “forward thinking, world ready.” Such partnerships and outreach programs must be of mutual benefit to both institutions or organizations and must follow proper procedures to insure quality of academic program activities, while also protecting the integrity of the university and its academic reputation.


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