Administration and Finance

Human Resource Office

The Human Resource Office manages payroll and benefits for Fort Hays State University employees, including benefits eligible faculty, administrators, support staff and temporary employees. 

Unclassified Employees

Provosts, vice presidents, or vice chancellors, and deans shall serve at the pleasure of the chief executive officer. Other University administrative staff positions may be designated as positions that serve at the pleasure of the chief executive officer, provided, however, that such designation is stated in the administrator’s written annual notice of appointment. Appointments of provosts, vice presidents, and vice chancellors shall be reported to the Board prior to announcement.

Unclassified Professional Staff members of the University are those unclassified, non-student employees who are not identified as faculty members. These staff members engage in administration, education and research in support of the mission of the institution. If a staff member also holds a regular faculty or academic staff appointment, faculty or academic staff policies and procedures will apply.

A full-time faculty member is defined as an individual who is tenured or on tenure track and whose work load is normally sixty percent teaching, twenty percent research/scholarly activities, and twenty percent service. The normal full-time teaching load given this formula is four, three-unit classes. The faculty member is normally appointed on a nine-month contract.

A full-time temporary faculty member is employed for one academic year only. There is no expectation for reappointment beyond that contract. A full-time temporary faculty member may accumulate a total of five (5) academic-year contracts. Duties of the full-time temporary faculty member are to be identified in an attachment to the contract and become a part of that contract. Duties may include instruction, research/creative activities and service responsibilities similar to other full-time faculty. The full-time temporary faculty member may choose to apply for an available tenure-track position at FHSU. The application will be treated in a fashion similar to all other applicants. At the time of employment within the tenure track, the full-time temporary faculty member may apply for up to three (3) years of credit on the tenure track. This credit might include full-time employment at FHSU and other institutions of higher education. The decision to accept any or all of these years is retained by this university.

A part-time faculty member is one who is employed for less than one (1) FTE. Teaching loads may vary given the percent of time employed.

Classified Employees

Employees are selected for the classified service through a competitive process.  Classified employees are covered by the “merit” or “civil service” system of personnel management.  The Kansas merit system is codified in the Civil Service Act and follows these basic principles:

All actions including recruitment, hiring, classification, compensation, training, retention, promotion, discipline and dismissal of State employees will be:

  1. based on merit principles and equal opportunity for public service; and
  2. made without regard to race, national origin or ancestry, religion, political affiliation or non-merit factors and shall not be based on sex, age, or disability except where age or sex constitute a bona fide occupational qualification or where a qualified disability prevents an individual from performing the essential functions of a position.