Bachelor of Science 3+2 Dual Degree in Physics and Engineering

Program of Study Summary

University Degree Requirements 62 credit hours
Departmental Core Curriculum 34 credit hours
Emphasis Area (Professional/Industrial) 6 credit hours
Cognates 16 credit hours
Transfer Credits from Engineering College
18 credit hours
TOTAL 124 credit hours
Core Curriculum
PHYS 100 Introduction to Engineering Science 1 credit hour
PHYS 211/211L Physics for Scientists and Engineers I/Lab 5 credit hours
PHYS 212/212L Physics for Scientists and Engineers II/Lab 5 credit hours
PHYS 221 Statics 3 credit hours
PHYS 313 Modern Physics 3 credit hours
PHYS 620 Mathematics for the Physical Sciences 3 credit hours
PHYS 621 Mechanics 3 credit hours
PHYS 632 Electricity and Magnetism 3 credit hours
PHYS 651/654 Advanced Laboratory I/II 2 credit hours
CHEM 122/122L University Chemistry II/Lab 5 credit hours
MATH 235 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4 credit hours
MATH 236 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 4 credit hours
MATH 354 Differential Equations 3 credit hours
CSCI 261 Computer Science 3 credit hours
CSCI 262 FORTRAN Language 1 credit hour

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