Bachelor of Science in Physical Science

Program of Study Summary

University Degree Requirements 53 credit hours
Departmental Core Curriculum 30 credit hours
Major electives 20 credit hours
Free electives 21 credit hours
TOTAL 124 credit hours
Core Curriculum
PHYS 211/211L Physics for Scientists and Engineers I/Lab 5 credit hours
PHYS 212/212L Physics for Scientists and Engineers II/Lab 5 credit hours
CHEM 120/120L University Chemistry I/Lab 5 credit hours
CHEM 122/122L University Chemistry II/Lab 5 credit hours
GSCI 200/200L Physical Geology/Lab 5 credit hours
MATH 235 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4 credit hours
MATH 236 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III 4 credit hours
Major Electives (select two of the following)
Chemistry Emphasis (select 10 hours
CHEM 250/250L Chemical Analysis 5 credit hours
CHEM 304/304L Essentials of Organic Chemistry 5 credit hours
CHEM 352/352L Environmental Chemistry 5 credit hours
CHEM 360/360L Essentials of Biochemistry 5 credit hours
CHEM 430/430L Survey of Physical Chemistry/Lab 5 credit hours
Geosciences Emphasis
GSCI 202/202L Historical Geology/Lab 5 credit hours
  Approved electives 5 credit hours
Physics Emphasis
PHYS 313 Atomic Physics
-or- by permission
PHYS 301 Concepts of Modern Physics 3 credit hours
  Physics electives 7 credit hours

Visit the Fort Hays State University Catalog to learn more about Physics degree requirements and review Physics course descriptions.