Bachelor of Science in Physical Science and Teacher Education

Program of Study

University Degree Requirements 57 credit hours
Physics core Curriculum 33 credit hours
Major Elective Requirements 10-16 credit hours
Teacher Education Core Curriculum 29 credit hours
TOTAL 141-147 credit hours
Physics Core Curriculum
Core Curriculum
CHEM122/122L University Chemistry I/Lab 5 credit hours
CHEM 280 Laboratory Teaching Techniques 1-2 credit hours
CSCI 261 Computer Science I 3 credit hours
GSCI 200/200L Physical Geology/Lab 5 credit hours
MATH 331 Calculus Methods 3 credit hours
PHYS 111/111L Physics I/Lab -or-
PHYS 211/211L Physics for Scientists and Engineers I/Lab 5 credit hours
PHYS 112/112L Physics II/Lab -or-
PHYS 212/212L Physics for Scientists and Engineers II/Lab 5 credit hours
PHYS 309 Descriptive Astronomy 3 credit hours
PHYS 603 Projects I 1 credit hour
PHYS 606 Science Teaching Methods 2 credit hours
PHYS 676 Apprenticeship in Physical Science Teaching 1 credit hour
Major Electives (select two of the following three emphases)
Chemistry Emphasis:
CHEM 250/250L Chemical Analysis/Lab 5 credit hours
CHEM 304/304L Essentials of Organic Chemistry/Lab 5 credit hours
CHEM 476 Apprenticeship in Chemistry 1 credit hour
Earth and space Sciences Emphasis:
GSCI 101 Elements of Physical Geography 3 credit hours
GSCI 202/202L Historical Geology/Lab 5 credit hours
GSCI 340 Environmental Geology 3 credit hours
GSCI 355 Field Trips in Geology 3 credit hours
  Approved Laboratory I 1 credit hour
Physics Emphasis:
PHYS 301 Concepts of Modern Physics or  
PHYS 313 Modern Physics 3 credit hours
PHYS 332 Analog & Digital Electronics 3 credit hours
PHYS 621 Mechanics 3 credit hours
PHYS 651 Advanced Laboratory I 1 credit hours
Teacher Education Requirements:
TEEL 202 Foundations of Education 3 credit hours
TEEL 231 Human Growth and Development 3 credit hours
TEEL 431 Educational Psychology 3 credit hours
PHYS 277 Early Field Experience: Physical Science Ed. or
CHEM 277 Early Field Experience: Physical Science Ed. 1 credit hour
TESP 302 Educating Exceptional Students 3 credit hours
TESS 494 The Secondary School Experience 4 credit hours
TESS 496 Directed Teaching Secondary 12 credit hours