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Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

International Relations/Comparative Politics Concentration

Looking for a career with an international flair such as a position with the United Nations or State Department? Are you interested in better understanding international organizations, foreign policy concerns, and other issues in world politics?

The International Relations/Comparative Politics concentration grounds you in the study of international relations through the study of nations, states, intergovernmental organizations and multi-national corporations.

Through theory and hands-on learning opportunities, the International Relations/Comparative Politics concentration equips you with invaluable research and analytical skills and helps you build a solid foundation for your success either in graduate school or in the international relations field.

Program Summary

University Degree Requirements 55 credit hours
Foreign Language Requirement 10 credit hours
Departmental Core Curriculum 22 credit hours
Concentration Areas 18 credit hours
Free electives 19 credit hours
TOTAL 124 credit hours
Departmental Core Curriculum
POLS 100 Orientation to Political Science 3 credit hours
POLS 101 American Government 3 credit hours
POLS 180 Introduction to Public Policy 3 credit hours
PHIL 201 Political Philosophy 3 credit hours
POLS 230 Introduction to International Relations 3 credit hours
POLS 455 Research Methods 3 credit hours
POLS 689 Internship in Political Science 1 credit hour
POLS 490 Senior Capstone 3 credit hours
Concentration in International Studies (choose 9 hours from the following):
Please note:  The International Relations/Comparative Politics concentration is ONLY available on campus.  It is NOT available in the virtual program.
POLS 108 or 609 Model United Nations 3 credit hours
POLS 240 Comparative Governments of Industrialized Societies 3 credit hours
POLS 631 American Foreign Policy 3 credit hours
POLS 632 Problems/Issues in World Politics 3 credit hours
POLS 640 Comparative Politics 3 credit hours
Or other approved courses. 3+ credit hours