A Greeting from Dr. Mirta M. Martin, the ninth president of Fort Hays State University:

"Great things have been accomplished at our university over the past 112 years, and great things lie ahead."

"All our accomplishments are measured in people. My priority as president is to enable our students to become their best selves. At FHSU, we put people first. We are family."

"I believe in listening to faculty, staff, students, alumni, partners and friends. Together, we will establish our priorities and set forth the strategies to accomplish them."

"Right now, my primary goal is to listen and learn about the dreams of the FHSU family and the communities we serve. From those dreams, we will create strategies to make them a reality."

"In general, my vision is to make FHSU a preeminent university -- the destination of choice for students, faculty, staff, researchers, businesses and international partners. We must also enhance our role as the cultural, social and economic epicenter for western Kansas. We will meet and exceed the goals set by the Kansas Board of Regents in the Foresight 2020 plan, and we will expand our reach and impact in our region, our nation and in the world."

"We will continue to be student-centered and true to our familial values. We will continue to demand excellence in all our endeavors. Knowledge is futile if not used to improve the human condition. Therefore, we will prepare our students to be engaged and effective citizen-leaders: Forward thinking. World ready."

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