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 FHSU Profile – Brand

The brand consists of honest and consistent messaging that develops Fort Hays State University's associations with its target audiences. It expresses the key identifiers the University wants to own in the hearts and minds of faculty, staff, students, potential students and their parents, alumni, and friends.
Victor E. TigerThe current brand platform was developed over a period of many months with the input of people from all strata of the University community. It describes what Fort Hays State is, the benefits it offers and its aspirations.

All campus units are encouraged to follow the brand platform and must comply with FHSU identity standards when creating communications.

Positioning Platform

Fort Hays State is the region’s leading forward-thinking, entrepreneurial university that values social, civic and professional engagement. We attract goal-oriented students with a strong work ethic who want to live and learn in a caring community.

From the beginning of their college experience, our students are actively engaged in an exceptional depth of core learning opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. We provide extraordinary one-to-one attention and support. Our faculty are outstanding teachers who motivate students to think globally, discover their potential and develop their unique talents. We expect our faculty, staff, students and alumni to be involved and engaged in their professions and communities.

Our graduates gain confidence, a deep appreciation of knowledge and the professional skills that give them an advantage in their careers, now and for a lifetime.  

Brand promise  

Forward thinking. World ready.

Brand Drivers

  • Learning opportunities with exceptional depth, inside and outside the classroom, from the beginning of the college experience;
  • Outstanding faculty and staff who deliver exceptional attention and support;
  • An expectation of social, civic and professional engagement;
  • Partnerships and learning experiences that bring together cultures, perspectives and thinking from around the world; and
  • Innovation that drives solutions.


Fort Hays State University’s Tiger mascot has existed in various forms since 1914. There is no conclusive historical record of its creation. Some evidence suggests it may have been the brainchild of President W.A. Lewis, who served from 1913 to 1933 and hailed from Missouri. Through many years, there was no officially designated version of the FHSU Tiger, so many varieties came and went, with two or three or more versions of the Tiger sharing the stage in any given year.

In 1999, Dr. Edward H. Hammond, FHSU President, directed the University’s Integrated Marketing Committee to develop a high-energy, expressive, confident Tiger. The University’s creative director modeled an official new Tiger graphic based on the old Tiger head.

After the new Tiger was tested with students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the University – and a few tweaks made – the President unveiled the first official mascot in the University’s long history in a public ceremony on April 3, 2000. A few months later, based on suggestions from students, the new mascot was given a name, Victor E. Tiger.

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