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FHSU Profile – Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science

Fall 2014 will see the seventh class of high school juniors take up residence in Fort Hays State University’s Custer Hall and begin a two-year course of study in the Kansas Academy of Mathematics and Science, established by the Kansas Legislature in 2006.

Fort Hays State won the right to operate the academy, which is the state’s premier academic high school program for the state’s best and brightest high school students. Modeled in part on successful programs in Missouri and Texas, KAMS is a residential educational program designed to provide exceptional high school juniors and seniors the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and 68 hours of college credit.

Students are simultaneously enrolled in their home high schools and KAMS. At Fort Hays State, they are given college-level instruction by Ph.D. faculty and have the opportunity to conduct hands-on research while being supervised by Ph.D. scientists.

Prospective students must have completed at least two years of high school with distinction in mathematics or science, but the academy also considers drive, interest, maturity, stability, and personal and family commitment in its acceptance of applicants.

The Legislature established KAMS to provide added educational value for students who might not be appropriately challenged in their local schools and to enhance the intellectual capital of the state of Kansas through the academy's focus on mathematics and science.

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