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 FHSU Profile – Student Success

Universities traditionally operate with an equal threefold mission of teaching, research and service. Fort Hays State University places the greatest importance on teaching and student success. While there are some exceptions in special cases, FHSU faculty are generally required to devote 60 percent of their time and energy to teaching, 20 percent to research and 20 percent to service.
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As a result, FHSU students stand out in academic competitions and standard tests. Examples abound:

College of Arts and Sciences

  • The graphic arts program is ranked higher than any other FHSU program on a national basis.

College of Business and Entrepreneurship

  • Fort Hays State was one of only 13 colleges and universities in the United States with two accounting graduates to win the prestigious Sells Award in the last three years for their performance on the CPA exam.
  • FHSU students have participated in the national Financial Planning Challenge from 2001 until 2008 and again in 2010 and 2011 (there was not a competition in 2009). Fort Hays State has been in the top five in the nation every year it competed, winning the national championship in 2001, 2002 and 2011, finishing second in 2010 and finishing third in 2003, 2007 and 2008.

College of Education and Technology

  • In the College of Education and Technology, students had a 98 percent pass rate on the teaching licensure test. Out of 266 graduates, 260 passed and were licensed.

College of Health and Life Sciences

  • In the physical education area, of the 38 students who graduated, every one passed the teaching licensure test.
  • Radiology students have had a 98.2 percent pass rate over the last five years on their licensure test. In that period, FHSU students had a 100 percent pass rate in three separate years.
  • Medical diagnostic imaging students had a 100 percent pass rate. In vascular sonography, there was a 94.5 percent pass rate in the clinical exams compared to the national average of 61.
  • Speech-language pathology students had a pass rate of 95 percent compared to the national average of 86.

Virtual College

  • Only one out of 142 virtual education students did not pass the teaching licensure test.

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Over the decade prior to the collapse of the national economy in October 2008, FHSU students averaged a 98-percent placement rate in either jobs or graduate programs within six months of graduation. The Office of Career Services surveys the graduates, excluding those in China, to determine the placement percentage. In the most recent year for which the study was completed, the placement rate had rebounded to 95 percent.

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