JPI Editors

Editors for the Journal of Psychological Inquiry represent scholars in the field of psychology who believe in the importance of undergraduate research.  Each editor has worked with students on undergraduate research and are therefore selected due to their expertise in nurturing this endeavor.

Managing Editors

  • Jennifer Bonds-Raacke, Ph.D. (Fort Hays State University)
  • John Raacke, Ph.D. (Fort Hays State University)

Associate Editors

  • Julie Allison, Ph.D. (Pittsburg State University)
  • Jeff Bartel, Ph.D. (Seton Hill University)
  • Frank Ferraro, Ph. D. (Nebraska Wesleyan)
  • Jerry Frieman, Ph.D. (Kansas State University)
  • Wind Goodfriend, Ph.D. (Buena Vista University)
  • Robyn Long, Ph.D. (Baker University)
  • Janett Naylor, Ph.D. (Fort Hays State University)
  • Elizabeth Nelson, Ph.D. (Christian Brothers University)           
  • Jeffrey Sable, Ph.D. (Christian Brothers University)
  • Merry Sleigh, Ph.D. (Winthrop University)
  • Mike Tagler, Ph.D.(Ball State University)
  • Josh Tanguay, M.S. (Fort Hays State University)

Special Feature Editors

  • Christopher Barlett, Ph.D. (Gettysburg College)
  • Natalie Dove, Ph.D. (Eastern Michigan University)
  • Richard Miller, Ph.D. (University of Nebraska at Kearney)
  • Fred Sanborn, Ph.D. (North Carolina Wesleyan College)

Founding Editor

  • Mark E. Ware, Ph.D. (Creighton University)
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