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We are delighted to welcome you to the online version of the Journal of Psychological Inquiry. We are proud to be one of the few journals to accept contributions exclusively from undergraduate students. The journal exists for a variety of reasons, and a primary one is to illustrate the high quality of undergraduates' scholarly work. Scholarly work encompasses a broad range of investigation and includes more traditional data-based activity, as well as literature reviews and historical research. Transmitting the results of one's scholarship through a printed medium requires development of formal, written communication skills. Promoting the refinement of such skills is another goal for the journal. According to employers, and professional and graduate school faculty, increasing undergraduates' written communication skills would make those students more attractive for employment and for admission to post graduate training or education. Increasing students' success in life following graduation is another aspiration associated with the journal. Because modeling can facilitate learning, showing students what their peers have accomplished should help to encourage ever widening circles of students to become engaged in and excited about research.


Submission Guidelines

  • Manuscripts must have an undergraduate as the primary author. Manuscripts by graduates will be accepted if the work was completed as an undergraduate. Graduate students or faculty may be co-authors if their role was one of teacher or mentor versus full-fledged collaborator.
  • Manuscripts are allowed from students who meet the following conditions: (a) from students at institutions who are current on their financial annual support of JPI (see list on website), (b) from students at institutions who are willing to pay an $80 annual processing fee for unlimited submissions (contact Dr. Bonds-Raacke to receive an invoice) or (c) from students who pay a one time $30 processing fee to have a single submission processed.  Please note that processing fees do not guarantee acceptance.  However, processing fees cover the cost for using the on-line portal and guarantee an Associate Editor will have your submission reviewed by two professionals in the field in a timely manner.
  • Submit original manuscripts only. Do not submit manuscripts that have been accepted for publication or that have been published elsewhere.
  • All manuscripts should be formatted in accordance with the APA manual (latest edition).
  • Empirical studies should not exceed 15 double-spaced pages; literature reviews or historical papers should not exceed 20 double-spaced pages. The number of pages excludes the title page, abstract, references, figures, and tables. We expect a high level of sophistication for literature reviews and historical papers.
  • In the references, please include the issue number for all journal references
  • Submissions are made online at:http://www.edmgr.com/jpi. You will need to first register with the website and the follow the steps outlined on the website for your submission.
  • When prompted, provide e-mail addresses for the author(s) and faculty sponsor.
  • Include a sponsoring statement from a faculty supervisor. (Supervisor: Read and critique papers on content, method, APA style, grammar, and overall presentation). The sponsoring letter should indicate that the supervisor has read and critiqued the manuscript. In addition, assert that the research adhered to the APA ethical standards. Finally, confirm that the planning, execution, and writing of the manuscript  represents primarily the work of the undergraduate author(s). This sponsoring statement should be in pdf format and uploaded with the submission.
  • The faculty statement should also included a line as to whether the faculty member was a sponsor only or if the faculty member was a co-author and a sponsor.
  • Ordinarily, the review process will be completed in 60 days.
  • If a manuscript requires revisions, the author(s) is (are) responsible for making the necessary changes and resubmitting the manuscript to the Journal. Sometimes you may have to revise manuscripts more than once.



If you have any questions about the JPI, contact the FHSU Department of Psychology office at (785) 628-4405 or email Dr. Jennifer Bonds-Raacke (jmbondsraacke@fhsu.edu) or Dr. John Raacke (jdraacke@fhsu.edu).

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