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Four-Year Degree Guarantee
Student Responsibilities

Criteria for students to qualify for the four-year degree guarantee program are as follows.

Students must:     

   1.     enroll at FHSU as a first-semester freshman

   2.     select a major by the end of their freshman year at FHSU

   3.     not change their major after the first academic year

   4.     regularly meet with the assigned major advisor to:

            a)   develop the list of courses to be taken the next semester;

            b)   discuss progress in courses;

            c)   assess that the student is on track to graduate in four years; and

            d)   review all degree requirements

    5.     not change any courses without advisor approval during any semester

    6.     pass all courses with a grade of “C” or better

    7.     satisfactorily complete an average of 32 or more credit hours per academic year 

    8.     meet any special conditions or requirements that may be a part of any departmental major which has a certification or licensure program associated with the major

    9.     complete early enrollment every semester

  10.     enroll in the fall semester to begin a major under the four-year degree program

  11.     complete the required courses and electives in whatever order is prescribed by the department


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