Four-Year Degree Guarantee Program
List of Degrees

These degrees can usually be completed in 124-128 credit hours:

College of Arts and Sciences

 Art:  B.F.A., B.A. (Studio), B.A. (Art History)                              

Chemistry:  B.A.,B.S.               

Communication B.A. (general, journalism, public relations, theatre)                                             

English B.A.

General Studies:  B.G.S.

Geography: B.S.                                              

Geology:  B.A., B.S.                                        

History:  B.A.                           

Justice Studies:  B.A., B.S.

Leadership Studies:  B.A., B.S.

Mathematics:  B.A., B.S. (industrial/academic, computer science)

Modern Languages:  B.A.

Philosophy:  B.A.

Physics:  B.A., B.S.

Political Science:  B.A.

Psychology:  B.A., B.S.

Sociology:  B.A.

Social Work:  B.S.W.

 College of Business and Leadership

 Business Administration:  B.B.A. (accounting, management, marketing)

Finance:  B.B.A.

Information Networking and Telecommunications:  B.A., B.S.

International Business and Economics: B.B.A.

Management Information Systems:  B.B.A.

Tourism and Hospitality Management: B.B.A.

 College of Health & Life Sciences

 Agriculture:  B.S.

Agri-business:  B.S.

Biology:  B.S. (general, medical technology, general science)

Physical Education:  B.S. (health promotion & wellness and recreation/sports management)

Speech & Language Pathology:  B.S.