Scholarly Activities at FHSU

Fort Hays State University recognizes that faculty members are teachers and scholars. Thus, this institution supports scholarly activities to a degree that is uncommon among state-funded regional universities. By applying for reassigned time, faculty members can periodically reduce their semester teaching load in order to complete projects.  Travel funding for academic conferences is available as well.  The Faculty Development Fund, overseen by the Office of the Provost, provides money that is used to supplement the travel funding offered at the departmental level. As a result, many FHSU faculty members routinely present their work at international and national conferences. And finally, the FHSU Graduate School supports faculty and student scholarship through a variety of grants, monitors research activities, and assists faculty members who are interested in securing external funding through its Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects. Four peer-reviewed journals are hosted at FHSU and faculty are supported through competitive grants from the university's Undergraduate Research Experience (URE) office in the Office of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects, as well.   

Written by Dr. Tim Crowley
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
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