Agnew Hall

Kelcie's Welcome Letter

Kelcie HamiltonTo all of my new residents:

Welcome to Agnew Hall!

I hope you are having a fantabulous summer! My name is Kelcie Hamilton and I will be your Resident Assistant (RA) this coming year. I am a senior (WHOO!) majoring in Communications Public Relations, absolutely love to bake, doodle, and watch movies. I am so excited that you will be living in Agnew Hall. The Agnew Staff has some a-mazing ideas for events to host this year. Some of the ideas we have talked about include a “drive-in” style movie in between buildings, mocktails, a progressive dinner party, and (IF) we can get it okayed a glow stick pool party! Oh, and since I love baking I am positive you will get cookies every now and again. I am sure you still have fun plans for the rest of your summer, but I hope you are getting excited about coming to campus and meeting and/or rejoining everyone.

I look forward to meeting you!

Kelcie Hamilton