Agnew Hall

Thomas's Welcome Letter

Thomas MoederTo all of my new residents:

Welcome to Agnew Hall! I’m Thomas (Tommy) Moeder and I’m going to be one of your Resident Assistants for the upcoming 2013-14 academic year. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and getting to know a bit more about you. For a little insight on me I’m going to be a Senior studying Accounting with a CPA concentration. I’m from the small town of La Crosse, KS and graduated from La Crosse High. I’m involved in the FHSU Economics club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Student Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and a Peer Mentor for the Everyone’s Business learning community; and I enjoy paintballing, hunting, gaming, and hanging with my friends. 

This upcoming year I’m going to have an open door policy: if the door is open come on in, if the door is closed knock and more than likely it will be open. I’m looking forward to getting everyone involved, becoming friends with everyone. If you are an incoming freshman this is a new experience for you and I highly suggest just getting involved and being social. The first couple of weeks there are going to be tons of new events for everyone to go and meet new people. I must say for all of the residents we have a wonderful staff this year in Agnew and you all are going to have an awesome time here!

In order to ensure a smooth move in and a comfortable year I strongly suggest in getting in touch with your roommate. This way you can talk about things such as room set up, schedules, getting to know each other’s personality etc. There are tons of organizations and groups for students to look into and if you are really interested in something maybe it’s something we can go do as a floor! A piece of advice that a student once gave me and has helped me throughout my schooling is this: “Go to class, you are paying for the class anyways you might as well go get your money’s worth; and get involved because college is where you will truly find yourself and be able to make friends that will last you the rest of your life”, Vernon King Jr.

My job and what I enjoy doing is to help you guys (that’s why I’m the Resident ASSISTANT) every step of your journey. I cannot wait to get to know you guys and am looking forward to meeting you in August. Move in starts at 8 A.M. If you have not filled out your meningitis form yet you will need to go to Residential life office in McMindes Hall. If you have any questions or just want to get in touch feel free to email me at Have a good summer and I will be seeing you all come August. 

Your RA, 

Thomas Moeder