Custer Hall

Saul's Welcome Letter

Saul Sanchez Hello Future KAMS/ Custer Hall Resident,

I am Saul Sanchez and I will be your Resident Assistant (RA) for the upcoming school year. I will be a senior next year and plan to major in Business Administration in Management. In my spare time I like playing soccer and lately I have been enjoying the pool table in the Custer Hall basement. I am currently an RA on the 4th floor of Custer Hall and have enjoyed every moment that I’ve been here. For those who don’t know what an RA is, I will summarize it for you. I am ultimately responsible for providing you a safe and fun place to live while you attend school. Custer Hall will be your home away from home and as frightening as it may be to leave home for possibly the first time in your life, I am sure you will enjoy it here.

There are so many different opportunities around campus and I strongly encourage you to get involved in something you like or try something new and meet new people. In Custer Hall there is plenty to do to keep you busy as well. Custer Hall Council puts together awesome events that you should definitely consider attending. All of the RAs put together programs for our residents and I have some great ideas for next year that will be fun and get you guys interacting more with your fellow residents.

I am really excited to meet every single one of you on move in day and to be a part of your success in the KAMS program here at Fort Hays State University. You should be really proud for having the privilege to be a part of this amazing program and I will be here for anything you may need as you begin this wonderful experience. In the meantime if you have any questions or concerns please contact me and I will reply back as soon as possible. My email is I hope you all have a safe and great summer. See you in August!


Saul Sanchez