McMindes Hall

Ryan's Welcome Letter

Ryan SwayneDear Future Resident:

Howdy! Welcome to McMindes Hall, First Floor! My name is Ryan Swayne, I will be your RA for this school year! I’m a Studio Ceramics and Art Education major. I lived in McMindes last year and loved every minute of it! There is always something fun and exciting going on in the hall. The Residence halls will give you a great opportunity to meet new people. Last year, my floor was awesome and I had fun hanging out with everyone in my free time. It can be scary moving away from home to an unfamiliar city where you know very few, if any, people. However, that’s what I’m here for! My job is to make sure you feel welcome and have a great stay in McMindes Hall! I can answer any questions you have, my door will always be open when I’m home! If you have any questions for me before you arrive, please either add me on facebook, or send me an e-mail at Also, if you go by a name other than your legal name, please let me know before you arrive on campus. Have a great rest of the summer, and I can’t wait to meet you all August 15th on Move-In day!

See you soon,

Ryan L. Swayne