Wiest Hall

Ali's Welcome Letter

Dear Resident,

My name is Alisyn Martin but I prefer to go by Ali! I’m really excited to be your Resident Assistant (RA) this upcoming year! I’m a junior here, majoring in Elementary Education. Being an RA it’s my job to make sure each of you get settled in to Wiest Hall, make sure everything goes smoothly and help you enjoy your school year!

Adjusting to life on your own is a scary and exciting time, but just remember to enjoy it and work hard. I know when I was a freshman everything seemed a little overwhelming, but I’m here to help you through it and show you Fort Hays State University! Also, if you want to go by a different name, please let me know by August 6th so that I can get everything ready for when you get here! Trust me, I know how annoying it is when someone writes down the wrong name!

Well, I just wanted to drop a quick note to introduce myself and welcome you to the wonderful world of Wiest Hall and Fort Hays! I’m excited to meet everyone; we are going to have a great year! Have a good rest of your summer and safe travels!


Ali Martin