Wiest Hall

Lindsey's Welcome Letter

Hello! My name is Lindsey Fry and I will be your Resident Assistant (RA) this upcoming school year. I am originally from Wichita, KS. I am currently a junior here at Fort Hays State and I am majoring in Biology/Medical Technology.

As your RA, my job is to make sure everything is going okay on our floor and within the building. Some of my duties consist of planning many different kinds of programs suited for all of you! But my main duty is to make sure this is a fun filled year.

I know that being an incoming freshman can be a very intimidating feeling. You are dealing with a lot of changes that you have to get used to and pretty quickly too. I certainly remember when I moved in (I was terrified)! But no worries, that is what I am here for. To help you in any way possible and to answer any questions that you have!

If you have any questions or concerns you can reach me via email at llfry@mail.fhsu.edu .

Also, if you prefer to go by any other name other than your legal name you need to please notify me before August 6th, so I can prepare for your arrival! I am beyond excited to meet all of you in person on move in day in August! Your Orientation Assistants have planned an extremely fun filled night for you as well as tons of other activities where you meet so many new people. Get ready to begin your exciting new journey!


Lindsey Fry