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Thriving Tiger Spotlight

Thriving Tiger Spotlight is a section of the Fort Hays State University website devoted to congratulating students who complete or take part in something remarkable. Any student can be nominated, and anyone can complete the nomination form located on the following page. Congratulations to the nominated students below!

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  • Megan Colson


    Awarded Executive Director of the Year by St. Jude Children's Research Hospital & ALSAC. Has served as Ex. Dir. for 2 years for Up 'til Dawn at FHSU.

    Kate Kill
  • Kate Kill


    Attended the Circle K International Leadership Academy in Morgantown, Ind., Summer 2012. Academy focused on six steps - envision, enlist, embody, empower and encourage.

    Kate Kill
  • Jessica Tormey


    Jessica was elected to be the 2012-13 Collegiate DECA National Vice President. She represents Collegiate DECA students across the country as a team of five.

    Jessica Tormey
  • Shaley White


    Shaley White, KAMS graduate from Leoti, has served FHSU in a variety of capacities. She was most recently the Co-Student Director of the American Democracy Project, President of Custer Hall Council, and on the Christian Challenge Leadership Team.

    Shaley White
  • Manvitha Marni


    Representing KAMS and the Chemistry department, Manvitha Marni (Blue Valley) won the Biodiesel competition at the KU Engineering fair. In addition to research interests, Manvitha is also active in numerous clubs and organizations.

    Manvitha Marni
  • Luke Wright


    At the age of 16, Luke Wright won second place in the FHSU English Composition Writing Competition. Luke, first-year KAMS student from Abilene, entered the competition that consisted primarily of traditional college freshman and sophomores.

    Luke Wright
  • Jon Folkerts


    Jon Folkerts, Hays, was part of a team that won the Undergraduate Research Experience competition. Jon’s team developed, engineered, and launched a high altitude rocket to collect video as well as several scientific measurements.

    Jon Folkerts
  • Logan Smith


    Logan Smith, Richfield, won the KAMS research category during Research and Creative Activities Week. His project focused on the economics of precision agriculture technologies across the Great Plains. Dr. Craig Smith served as his research mentor.

    Logan Smith
  • Carolyn Campbell


    Carolyn has been involved all across campus. Her impact can be felt in the Greek community, on SGA, and with ADP. She has a bright future ahead of her as she pursues her law degree. Carolyn spends her time helping others and making a difference.

    Carolyn Campbell
  • Michael Gerstner


    Michael is a student worker in the Memorial Union. His hard work and dedication is only matched by his friendliness and great smile. He is always helping people find rooms or greeting others as they enter the building. He makes FHSU feel like home.

    Michael Gerstner
  • Brianna Kendig


    Brianna Kendig, Osborne, Kan., won best undergraduate history paper award presented by the Kansas Association of Historians. Her paper was titled "The Delphic Oracles." Brianna will receive a cash prize and present her paper at the KAH conference.

    Brianna Kendig
  • Learning Community


    Live. Learn. Lead! Learning Community students toured the DC Central Kitchen to learn more about hunger issues. L-R: Margaret Bireta, Sierra McNeal, Maureen Roche, Director, The Campus Kitchens Project, Hulia Myers, Sydnie Olliff, Thomas Moeder.

    Learning Community
  • Darcie Schmitz


    Darcie Schmitz, Baileyville, Kan., senior, earned her third All-American honors at the NCAA Division II Indoor Track and Field Championships finishing eighth in the triple jump. She also earned several Art Awards and Honors throughout her studies at FHSU..

    Darcie Schmitz
  • Griffin Bortzfield


    Griffin is destined for success. At FHSU he has been a leader in the Greek community and sets the example of what it means to be a gentleman and a scholar. As a volunteer for the Heartland Eye Bank and other community activities, he shows that one person can make a difference.

    Griffin Bortzfield
  • Seth Hageman


    Seth goes above and beyond to assist anyone. Working in the Center for Student Involvement or leading a letter writing campaign with fellow Up 'til Dawn members, he leads from the heart. His warmth and friendly smile make others admire him.

    Seth Hageman
  • Moses Dayee


    Moses Dayee plays a key role in organizing an annual neighborhood Basketball Classic in his hometown, Staten Island, N.Y, in August of each year. The Holy Moe Tournament includes halftime entertainment, refreshments and seeks to promote peace and a better community.

    Moses Dayee
  • Elsie Suhr


    Elsie presented on the drying process of an extruded bean analog product at the American Assoc. of Cereal Chemists conference in Palm Springs. Her research could put extrusion facilities in third world countries, providing jobs and food sources.

    Elsie Suhr
  • Lydia Fuqua


    Lydia Fuqua and Vernon King spent some of their time creating a video inviting prospective students to visit FHSU. They made a great team and did a fabulous job---students have loved it! Check it out! Also, Lydia is going on an ISEP exchange to Canada this spring.

    Lydia Fuqua


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