This is a live broadcast of the Fort Hays State Student Government Association meeting. See the student democracy in action each week.

Watch SGA on demand on Tiger Media Network website

 KFHS can be seen on Channel 67 in Hays, Ellis, Wakeeney and Russell.

KFHS can be seen on Channel 15, 18, or 33 on the Nex-Tech cable system.


SGA on I-TunesU

Steps to get to live audio from the SGA meetings done by KFHS Broadcast Council.  

1.   Quick Links and select i-TunesU

2.   Click on "Take Me to FHSU on iTunesU" allow I-Tunes to load to get to the site

3.   Click on the "FHSU News" section

4.   Click on the "Student Government Association" section

5.  Find the meeting you want to listen to in Group 1

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