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Upper Division Sociology Electives

The following courses may be used to fulfill the requirement of 15 upper division credit hours. Complete any five classes.

*All course listed below are 3 credit hours
SOC 310 Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies  
SOC 311 Feminist Theory
SOC 320 Sociology Through Cinema
SOC 325 Popular Culture
SOC 333 Global Forces in a Changing World
SOC 343 Sociology of Gender Roles
SOC 344 Social Deviance
SOC 350 Family Communication
SOC 352 Stepfamilies
SOC 355 Sociology of Death and Dying
SOC 375 Medical Sociology
SOC 376 U.S. Racial and Ethnic Groups
SOC 384 Social Problems
SOC 388 Sociology of the Family in America
SOC 425 Micro-sociology
SOC 435 Demography
SOC 460 Comparative Culture and Societies
SOC 475 Sociology of Urban and Rural Areas
SOC 644 Sociology of Aging
SOC 665 Social Entrepreneurship
SOC 673 Program Development and Evaluation
SOC 677 Internship in Sociology: Advanced Grant-Writing
SOC 679 Community Theory and Development
SOC 680 Nonprofit Organizations
SOC 681 NGOs: Global Social Innovation

You may download the complete BA in Sociology Program of Study worksheet here.

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