Certification in Addictions Counseling

2010 legislation changed credentialing requirements and oversight of the addictions counseling profession in Kansas. The Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB) now has oversight. In February 2012, BSRB finalized educational standards required to sit for the licensing exam that is necessary to obtain the Licensed Addictions Counselor credential in Kansas. New educational requirements are being phased in now by BSRB. FHSU's Sociology and Social Work Department is working on revisions to its addictions counseling curriculum, and once those are finalized, we will post the new course of study requirements here. For now, interested students should visit with the Department's addictions counseling coordinator, Professor Brett Zollinger, to discuss how the new educational standards pertain to their particular situation. Interested students are also referred to the Kansas BSRB website, where licensing requirements and educational standards can be viewed: http://www.ksbsrb.org/drugalcoholcounselors.htm

Brett Zollinger, PhD

Professor Sociology and Chair



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