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 Admission to the Social Work Program

In addition to fulfilling the University's General Education requirements, Social Work majors must apply for admission to the Social Work Program during the Fall semester of their Junior year. Until Social Work majors are accepted into the program, they cannot enroll in practice courses beyond Introduction to Social Work Practice (SOCW 380), the course in which they apply for admission.

 To be admitted to the program, Social Work majors must submit the following to the program's director:

  1. A transcript that indicates: a) a cumulative GPA of 2.3 or higher; b) grades of "C" or higher in all Social Work major courses; c) a GPA of 2.75 or higher in the Social Work major courses. These requirements must be maintained in order to continue in the major after admission to the program. 
  2. A signed statement that indicates one will honor and abide by the Social Work "Code of Ethics."
  3. Past Criminal Activity Statement.
  4. Documentation that one has completed a 50 (fifty) hour, monitored, non-paid, community agency experience while enrolled in Introduction to Social Work Practice (SOCW 380).
  5. Two reference statements. One reference must be from the professional who monitors or supervises one's non-paid community agency experience.
  6. A personal statement submitted while enrolled in SOCW 380: Introduction to Social Work Practice.
  7. A summary of nonpaid community agency experience.
  8. Time log documentation from nonpaid community agency experience.

For more information about admission requirements, contact us.

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