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Lynn Davidson-Stroh, M.D.


Dr. Davidson-Stroh is an adjunct professor of Sociology. She teaches the workshop on Pharmacology and High Risk Medical Issues required for the Certification in Addictions Counseling program. 

Dr. Davidson-Stroh is currently the Medical Director of the HaysMed Center Senior Focused Care Unit with and runs an afternoon clinic at HaysMed Psychiatric Associates.  Previously Dr. Davidson-Stroh was in private practice as a psychiatrist at Hays Psychiatry with support from the National Health Service Loan Repayment Program.  She has worked part-time for KVC Wheatland Hospital. Prior to this she did locum tenens work in Nebraska, Missouri, and Kansas at various hospitals and worked at High Plains Mental Health Center as a psychiatrist responsible mostly for psychotropic medication management. She also performs diagnostic assessments and individual psychodynamic psychotherapy for her patients. 

She trained at Karl Menninger School of Psychiatry when it was located in Topeka, KS, and then spent eight years as a psychiatrist for the Indian Health Service at Gallup Indian Medical Center in New Mexico working primarily with the Navajo. She has an excellent background in cross-cultural issues in mental health and addiction psychiatry from that experience. 

Dr. Davidson-Stroh has a strong background in pharmacology beginning before she went to medical school. She worked for thirteen years as a chemist at the Food and Drug Administration reviewing bioequivalence data and chemical manufacturing processes for new and generic drug applications. She also worked as a research chemist briefly at the National Institutes of Health and the FDA. She has a wide variety of interests with published papers ranging from enzymology to HIV, and studies of the characteristics of rural health providers.


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