Certificate in Cultural Anthropology and Globalization (12 credit hours)

The pace at which cultures change seems ever increasing, along with ever increased rates of globalization among and within societies around the world. Earning a Certificate in Cultural Anthropology and Globalization will increase your awareness of historic world cultures, contemporary world cultures, culture change, and you will do so in the context of rapidly increasing forms of social interconnectedness between world cultures.

Choose Four of the Following Courses 

SOC 145
Principles of Culture 
3 credit hours
SOC 333
Global Forces in a Changing World     
3 credit hours
SOC 335     
Changing Faces of Culture
3 credit hours
SOC 460     
Comparative Cultures and Societies
3 credit hours
SOC 647
Comparative Cultural Anthropology
 3 credit hours
    12 credit hours


The Certificate in Cultural Anthropology and Globalization is available on campus as well as online through the Virtual College.  For more information, contact Dr. Pelgy Vaz (pvaz@fhsu.edu), who coordinates this certificate program.  

Please Note: It is the responsibility of the student to inform the coordinator of the certificate program that he or she has completed the certificate requirements. Your certificate will not be awarded until you have completed the requirements and informed your coordinator of same. To ensure there is enough time to process your certificate, please inform your coordinator by the 21st day of the semester in which the certificate is to be awarded.


In order to verify certificate completion, the student must go into his/her TigerTracks account, where the unofficial transcript can be found.  Simply highlight and copy the whole unofficial transcript or at least the portion that lists the courses necessary to meet the certificate requirements.  The student may then paste that copied text that is his/her unofficial transcript into an e-mail message to the certificate coordinator.  The student's e-mail note to the certificate coordinator should begin with an expression of the certificate(s) earned, followed by the unofficial transcript.