Current News and Events from the Department of Sociology and Social Work

A lot of exciting things are happening here at Fort Hays State University! In addition to the stories below, read about the great things that Sociology and Social Work alumni are doing as well as the latest Sociology and Social Work faculty presentations and publications.

FHSU Social Work recognized as Kansas House commemorates March as social work month.

HALL OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES,TOPEKA, KS, Wednesday, March 3, 2010, 11:00 a.m.

On motion of Rep. Bethell,HR6020, a resolution commemorating March as professional social work month and honoring the hundreds of students who are currently studying to become social workers and will join the more than six thousand social workers practicing in Kansas, was adopted. There being no objection, the following remarks of Rep. Bethell are spread upon the journal:

It is truly a pleasure for me to bring to the attention of this body the tremendous work done for our society by those who we so mildly call ‘‘Social Workers.’’

Our society in so many ways seems to be self serving and self interested yet there are those who willingly serve to benefit those who are less fortunate. Among those are the people that we recognize today. The social workers of our state and society, while, a small group in comparison to the whole of society, take to themselves a massive task.

I would like to introduce those who are with us today: from Kansas State University, Karen Cypressi; and from Fort Hays State University, Professor Tim Davis and students from the School of Social Work, Lori L. Dennis, Jamie N. Fulls, Beau B. Hopkins, Brittany A. Kroeger, Felisa M. Lopez-Guzman, Carmen S. Morales, Pilar L. Quinones, and Cynthia L. Riedel.

Please join me in thanking them and the other members of their class and all the social workers in our state for the work they do for each of us.

- Journal of the House, Kansas House of Representatives, Pp 1034-1035. March 3, 2010.)


BSW Cohort II Begins While Cohort I Comes to a Completion

With the resounding success of the inaugural Bachelors of Social Work (BSW) face-to-face outreach program at Garden City, Kansas, FHSU’s Social Work program began its second BSW Cohort Program this fall semester. Fourteen new students in southwest Kansas are availing themselves of this important opportunity.

Under the leadership of Cohort Program Coordinator Professor Kendal Carswell and Director of Social Work Professor Judy Caprez, this second Cohort is now well underway as members of the inaugural Cohort complete their final semester in Fall 20009l. On Wednesday December 16th at Garden City Community College, the Department held a social for the Cohort I students who completed the BSW program in Garden City this past fall.

The BSW Cohort I Program began with and continues to be supported by AccessUS funds, dedicated to providing bachelors degree programming in southwest Kansas. For more information, visit the AccessUS Web site.


Ellis Law Enforcement Needs Assessment Survey

Assistant Professor of Sociology, Dr. Kate McGonigal, is conducting a survey of randomly selected households in Ellis, Kansas, to determine residents’ opinions and preferences about local law enforcement programming and to ascertain the level of emergency preparedness within households.

Dr. McGonigal assumed this project as a service to the Ellis City Police Department, whose police chief needs feedback from a representative cross-section of Ellis citizens.

Students in Dr. McGonigal’s class, with additional assistance from students enrolled in an FHSU leadership studies class, divided the city into sections. Teams of two or three students were assigned a section of town, and a systematic random sampling protocol was followed in selecting households to participate. Students dropped off survey packets and provided a brief introduction of the survey to an adult member of the randomly selected households. Respondents completed a print copy of the survey and returned it anonymously by mail in pre-addressed postage-paid envelopes to Dr. McGonigal.

Dr. McGonigal will author a technical report of survey findings and provide it to the Ellis Police Department.

Social Work Club

Make great friends! Meet other social work majors! Get peer assistance in your classes, advice on professors and get started feeling comfortable with your career! These are just some of the comments heard from students about the advantages of being involved in the Social Work Club.

The Social Work Club continues to be a very active group among social work students. This year the club sold FHSU themed Mardi Gras beads at Oktoberfest and Homecoming to raise money for the junior Wichita trip and other service related activities. The club maintains community service connections by partnering with agencies such as St. Francis to work with children at “Kid’s Day.”

The Social Work Club is a great place to get connected to each other and our community. All Social Work Majors are highly encouraged to participate!

Join us in Chicago for the MSS Conference!

The Sociology Club members and several of the sociology faculty would very much like to meet up with you at the Midwest Sociological Society’s 2010 conference in Chicago March 31-April 3, 2010. We will have faculty presenting papers, and we plan to spend ample time socializing.  This conference is probably the best regional sociological conference in the country.

If you decide to attend the conference, or you would like to meet up with us for a social event, contact Dr. Zollinger. He will keep you apprised of the FHSU group’s travel plans. You can see the sessions and register for the conference at the Midwest Sociological Association’s Web site.   

Sociology Club

The 2009-10 year is another active one for the Sociology Club. The club will attend the Midwest Sociological Society conference in April. We invite all distance students and friends of the program to join us at the conference. Club members will be raising funds to offset costs of the conference.

The club has a Facebook site, and is organizing several community service activities throughout the academic year. The Club welcomes alumni to its Facebook site. If you wish to join us there, please request to join through Facebook.

 The Sociology Club is open to all majors who share an interest in understanding and improving the human condition.