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Student Comments

Statements from a few students:

Janae R. -- Graduate (B.A. Sociology 2008) "I chose FHSU because of the convenience and the fact that the instructors are closer to you in a virtual sense than I ever experienced in a traditional class."

Jeanne B. -- Graduate (B.A. Sociology 2007) One of the reasons I was considered for this position was that my employer saw that I was working towards my Bachelor of Sociology degree at FHSU and would complete this degree and would continue on to earn a Masters in Liberal Studies from FHSU. When I joined the FHSU Virtual College, I was scared to death. It was exactly 30 years since I had graduated from High School. If it hadn't been for the support of Sociology Professor Rose Arnold, my degree advisor, I don't know if I would have proceeded after that first class. She was supportive and helped me 'plan' my route. I must have set a new record for the number of times a student has emailed her advisor with a question. We older adults need assurance that we can handle the new technology and get the support we need when pursuing a new adventure such as this. I got that!

Amber O. -- Student 2006 "I have been thoroughly impressed by the curriculum and staff for the Sociology Department, in particular the Social Research Methods class. Mike provides excellent interaction and assignment feedback that is unparallelled to any other virtual class I have taken, which has made the class thoroughly enjoyable, even from a distance. As a single mother with three children and two jobs, the virtual program has provided me an opportunity that I could not have had otherwise."

Julie L. -- Student 2004 "Mike -- I know you probably don't hear this much, but I appreciated the extra work. This is my second semester of internet classes and a lot of teachers offer a mid term, paper, and final. This gives most students like myself a chance to procrastinate until mid term and than until the end. You kept us on our feet which than lead me to learn more about community theory. This process also lets me know that your staying involved. I appreciated all the emails. I don't know if any of this makes sense but, in a nutshell, thanks for being such a great teacher."

Rachel S. -- Student 2004 "Thanks Mike, for all of your help throughout the semester. I GREATLY appreciate you and really enjoyed the class. It was great how you were so eager to help me whenever I needed it. THANKS SO MUCH! Have a wonderful summer!"

Janet W. -- Student 2004"Other than being a full-time student at FHSU majoring in Sociology and taking a full load of classes, I am a mother of four children (two girls, ages 12 and 10, and two boys, ages 3 and nearly 2 (the youngest of which was born very premature, so we spend four hours each week with therapists "working out"). I am also happily married to a Navy man, who is also a full-time student at FHSU. I am very active in my church as part of the parish council, head of the outreach program, and Sunday school teacher for the 6th grade.
This semester was my first time writing REAL grant proposals for real money in the real world. I wrote four small proposals for the educators in the English department at a local high school in California; two have been funded, one will be reviewed in June, and one will be submitted at a later time.  Of the two that were funded, one was a technology grant in the amount of $1,500 for an innovative classroom project that integrates multimedia education with the technology of a Smartboard.  The other was a local grant in the amount of $500, awarded for excellence in the classroom for a Beowulf project.  I have been asked to write a grant proposal this summer to fund research in the area of early detection for developmental disabilities, I am feeling confident in my abilities of accomplishing that task.   
I want to thank all the staff at Fort Hays, from administration to teachers, for your support, kindness, and encouragement, all of you have made it so easy to call FHSU home, from so far away."

Susan F. -- Student 2003 "Completing my degree seemed a fitting tribute to my daughter, Wendy, who lost her battle to cancer during her senior year of college. Volunteer work with the elderly and disabled influenced my decision to choose Human Services and the flexibility of FHSU's Virtual College made this midlife career choice a reality. More importantly, the course on death and dying gave me a chance to work through my grief and turned unbelievable sadness into an opportunity to share my experience with objectivity and sensitivity."

James S. -- Student 2002 "I have been in the United States Navy for the last 18.5 years. While in the military I have wanted to complete my Bachelors degree, but my schedule really never permitted me to take the time until now. I am finally assigned to shore duty and off of Navy Ship's for a while so I decided to give college a try. I was a little hesitant at first because I have three young children, a wonderful wife and a dog as well as a full time instructor duty for the Navy. After talking to my Navy College Office representative I decided to give virtual college/distance learning a try. I chose this over a traditional degree program because I like the flexibility it offers. Instead of being tied down to a certain night(s) and time(s) for class, I choose my own hours and times to work on assignments, usually after the kids go to bed. Virtual College requires some motivation and dedication by the individual to complete all assignments on time. Without seeing a professor weekly it is really up to the student to complete all your assigned work. This works very well with me as I am one who usually has no problem completing my requirements on time, no matter what they are. As for the professors, they are top notch, professional and VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE. I have enjoyed and respect all my professors tremendously as they are subject matter experts in their respective fields.

If a student is interested in a program that offers an industry standard degree program that is nationally and regionally accredited while providing the flexibility that a working adult needs, than Fort Hays State University has a program for you."

Dan B. -- Student 2002 "I have spent the last 19 years in the United States Navy serving my country. I have put many other things ahead of my college degree goal including my job and my family. I chose Fort Hays State University's (FHSU) Virtual College Program for two main reasons, the people, and the flexibility it offered. My first experience with the College was with the Admissions Office. From the first phone call, I was convinced that this was the correct path for me. The staff was very helpful and was able to answer all my questions. I was able to enroll into the virtual program at FHSU that day. I was so excited that I finally made the leap forward to meeting a lifelong goal of being a college graduate, the first in my family.

Being a "Virtual Student" is the right answer for me. Serving in the USN proves to be a challenge day in and day out. I work long hours, get scheduled for travel at the last minute, and deal with those last minute fire drills that often come at the end of a day. With any other college program, this would have been cause for me to end my hopes for my degree. As a virtual student I have the flexibility to make my own schedule. I can work with my professors online, or I can contact them via the phone. I was not sure how this would work in the beginning, but I can personally attest to you now that it can work, and it has for me. I can get all of my assignments at the beginning of each week, or even earlier in some cases, and then I can schedule my week.

FHSU's Virtual Program has proved to be a successful program for me. It is truly a winning combination that provides flexible hours, yet fully accountable at the end of the semester. Self-discipline and prudent time management enable me to balance school and maintain high standards at work while not neglecting my family at home. It's as if the program was designed around my personal life and my naval career. I am looking forward to graduating in the summer of 2004!"

Mike W. -- Graduate (B.A. Sociology 2002) "I have been very pleased with the instructors and faculty that work in that department.  They have been very helpful in helping me achieve my goals.  I feel that they will do everything in their power to get a student ready for the future beyond the undergraduate years.  I also enjoyed the variety of courses offered. You truly get a broad, well-rounded education. I have been able to study everything from economic development to survey research, and participate in the Sociology Club. The connection with The Docking Institute of Public Affairs is very beneficial as well."

Mark H. -- American Red Cross, Bosnia (B.A. Sociology 2000) "I'm an Assistant Station Manager working in the Armed Forces Emergency Service Department of the American Red Cross, which means I deal with our military service members and their families. It is challenging but also very rewarding, and I do all kinds of things -- which keeps the job exciting!"

Mary R. -- Lamson College, Tempe, Arizona (B.A. Sociology and Communications 1998) "I believe that my sociology degree and communications degree from Fort Hays State University helped me immensely. Partially because I am so marketable and partly because I can work and speak with such a diverse range of people."

Gloria P. -- Northwest Kansas Rural Stroke Project, Kansas (B.A. Sociology 1995) "My undergraduate degree in sociology from FHSU has proven to be very versatile, and I have been able to readily find employment!"

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