Student Health Center
Fees and Insurance Information

The Student Health Center will take care of Students regardless of their financial situation.  Although payment is expected, it is not a prerequisite to receiving services. 

  • Fees

    The Student Health Center charges a fee for most medical services.  The fees are generally much less than the cost of healthcare services off-campus.   

  • Insurance

    The Student Health Center will submit your claim to insurance.   Insurance may pay all charges.  You will be responsible for the amounts not paid by your insurance. The Student Health Center is a contracting     provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Aetna,and all Kansas KanCare plans. Please speak with our insurance clerk if you have questions about insurance coverage.

  • Requests not to bill insurance

    If you do not want a claim sent to your insurance, you must pay for the services at checkout and provide a written notice informing the front office staff of this choice.

  • Un-Insured/Out of Network Insured

    If you do not have health insurance, or if the Student Health Center is outside your insurance plan’s network, you may be responsible for all charges.  Some insurance plans require a referral to see non-network     providers.  You are responsible to obtain such referrals and should contact your insurance plan to inquire about its out-of-network policies. 

  • Charges not covered by insurance
    If charges remain after your insurance has processed the claim, the balance will be due from you.  The Student Health Center will send you at least two notices to the address on your Student Health Center     account.  

  • Overdue Balances

    If the balance on your account remains unpaid after two notices a hold may be placed on your account with Student Fiscal Services.  Unpaid accounts may also be sent to a collection agency, which may include     credit bureau reporting.  Collection fees, interest, court costs, and other customary collections costs may be added to the balance due.   

  • Payment Methods

    In addition to cash or checks, students can pay with credit or debit card.  

  • Financial Hardship

    It is the Student Health Center's policy to make special efforts to assist students who self-identify as unable to pay for their services at the Student Health Center.  Please contact the director at the Student Health     Center to request information on hardship discounts.  

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