New Student Information - Meningitis

What you MUST Have BEFORE You Can Move into the Residence Hall.

If you live in University Housing or Greek Housing, Fort Hays State University requires that you get the meningitis vaccination or sign a waiver indicating that you are knowledgeable of the risks of bacterial meningitis and your decision to not be vaccinated. This requirement must be met prior to being allowed to move into campus housing. All students who have been vaccinated must provide documentation of immunization.

If you don't live in University or Greek Housing we still strongly recommended that you become informed about meningitis and consider vaccination to reduce your risk of this very serious illness. You may provide proof of vaccination from your primary care provider or receive the vaccination at the Student Health Center.

You will not be allowed to move into campus housing until you:

  • Get the vaccination at the Student Health Center, or
  • Provide proof of vaccination from a different healthcare provider, or
  • Complete a Meningitis Waiver Form

For additional information about this serious illness, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Meningitis Disease Information Page and Meningococcal Vaccines Information Page.

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