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National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education
The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Kansas State Department of Education

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

The Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education qualifies candidates to seek licensure in elementary education (kindergarten through 6th grade). The program of study helps future teachers discover the links between general education courses, professional education curriculum, pedagogical theory, and clinical experience.

The nationally ranked Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education program is offered on-campus and online and provides both internship and student teaching experiences in diverse environments. Candidates have multiple opportunities to apply their knowledge and skills with measurable outcomes and feedback from university faculty.

Program Summary

^General Education Coursework - 55 Credit Hours
Professional Studies - 9 Credit Hours
Major Courses (Non-restricted) - 19 Credit Hours
Major Courses (Restricted to program admits) - 30 Credit Hours
Student Teaching - 14 Credit Hours

^Candidates who already hold a bachelor's degree and are working to complete an initial licensure program, do not need to meet general education requirements (effective March 26,2015).

“Non-restricted” courses below are open to Teacher Education majors who have not yet been admitted to the Teacher Education program (some prerequisites apply). Admission to Teacher Education is a prerequisite for “Restricted” courses. This PDF has more details about specific Elementary Education course requirements, including prerequisite needs and information on course schedule. You’re also required to complete General Education courses, and Teacher Education requires you to take specific courses from among the General Education selections. These PDF's outline the General Education courses you’ll need to take based on your status: First Time Freshman, Transfer with 44 credit hours or less, Transfer with Associate's or 45 credit hours or more.

* = Must complete course before applying to Teacher Education


  • TEEL 202 Foundations of Education* (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 231 Human Growth & Development* (3 Credit Hours)
  • TESP 302 Educating Exceptional Students (3 Credit Hours)

MAJOR COURSES (Non-­restricted)

  • ART 300 Elementary Art Methods (2 Credit Hours)
  • HHP 415 Health & PE Methods & Curriculum (3 Credit Hours)
  • MUS 366 Elementary School Music (2 Credit Hours)
  • TECS 301  Intro to Instructional Technology* (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 230 Diverse Learners (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 260 Children’s Literature* (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 340 Effective Classroom (3 Credit Hours)

MAJOR COURSES (Restricted)

  • TECS 390 Instructional Tech for Elem Teachers (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 350 Curriculum & Assessment (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 431 Educational Psychology (3 Credit Hours)


  • TEEL 365 Reading & Language Arts Methods (4 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 378 Internship 2 (1 Credit Hour)
  • TEEL 360 Mathematics Methods I (2 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 362 Mathematics Methods II (2 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 377 Internship 1 (1 Credit Hour)
  • TEEL 363 Social Studies Methods (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 361 Elementary School Science Methods (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 478 Internship 3 (1 Credit Hour)
  • TEEL 481 Correction of Reading Disabilities (3 Credit Hours)
  • TEEL 480 Corr. of Reading Disabilities Internship (1 Credit Hour)


  • TEEL 495 The Elementary School (2 Credit Hours)
  • TEEC 496 Student Teaching (12 Credit Hours)

- All program courses must be completed with a C or better
- Candidate may complete up to two internships per semester
- Here are the application forms in addition to the requirements for admission to Teacher Education and the requirements for admission to Student Teaching.

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